THE CONCEPT OF MODERNIZATION IN THE QUR'AN A Review Of The Interpretation Of The Qur'an By Ahmad Mushthafa Al-Maraghi

  • Muhammad Fadhli Mukmin Universitas Islam Indragiri
  • Amaruddin Amaruddin Universitas Islam Indragiri


In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, humans are
forced to face various problems that often force themselves
to be extreme and excessive. This is certainly a problem in
the future. The Qur'an as the source of life has the best
formula to deflect and control all forms of extremism,
namely moderation or wasathiyyah. Both the Islamic world
and the West realize the importance of being moderate in
dealing with existing problems. However, both seem to have
their own concepts and limited scope. Therefore, it is
important to understand "what" and "how" the meaning of
moderation is contained in the Qur'an. In this study,
researchers used the method of library research (library
research), namely researchers using books related to the
discussion of researchers about the concept of moderation
in the Qur'an and in the interpretation of Muhammad
Mushthafa Al-Maraghi's work. The primary data that is the
source of this research is tafsir Al-Maraghi by Ahmad
Mushthafa Al-Maraghi. While secondary data includes
books and related books or interpretations, journals, or other sources related to the discussion. The results found in
this study are moderation is one of the main characteristics
of Muslims. Moderation not only teaches the importance of
tolerance and wisdom. In addition to tolerance and wisdom,
moderation has an important element that must be upheld
and held, namely justice. Justice is an important foundation
where moderation requires itself to be balanced and wise
in various matters. Someone who is moderate will certainly
be a wise person, far from being tossed here and there,
blind fanatics, and always feeling right and good on their
own. A moderate attitude will bring harmony, progress and